Breaking Bread – Breaking Bad Parody

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Breaking Bad Parody - Breaking Bread After being diagnosed with Type 4 Diabetes, family man and Home Economics teacher Walter Wheat, teams up with his former Student, Jesse Pinkberry to create an addictive...and deli...

Internet Bullshit Episode 1: Mr. Rogers

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Was everyones favorite neighbor a Vietnam war sniper?

Internet Bullshit episode 2: Decaffeinated coffee

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Internet Bullshit Episode 3: Samuel L. Jackson

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We know why Sam Jackson is in every movie.

Internet Bullshit Episode 4: Cans

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Did you know that 99% of cans have rat poop on them..

Internet Bullshit Episode 5: KFC

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In episode 5 of Internet Bullshit, the friends discuss what makes up the meat in KFC.

Internet Bullshit Episode 6: Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart was pretty wild back in the day.

Casper – Episode 1

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Casper – Episode 2

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Casper – Episode 3

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Breathless Mormon

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Gentle Nudge

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Gentle Nudge 2 – Now with God’s Eye!

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Gentle Nudge 3 – Now with Tiara Taser!

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Prop 37 A

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Romney Rejected Voter Testimonial

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NSA leaks Edward Snowden’s video diary

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An OSPS exclusive story..

NRA Friends List

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Introducing the NRA's special friend, Mr. Tim Creans.

The 2012 Presidential Election – It’s Almost Over!

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An undecided couple chooses who they are voting for... well kind of...

Obama Rejected Voter Testimonial

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From the cutting room floor of the Obama campaign ads..